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Resolved! cant reach 64Mhz in STM32G071C8

HiI'm developing on STM32G071C8 with the developing circuitI'm trying to reach 64Mhz as system clockI'm programing RCC->PLLCFGR as follows:R=Q=2 (both on) . P=off N=16 M=2 or N=8 M=1 PLL source=HSI16any combination above 54Mhz - disconnects Flas...

YWhit by Associate III
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STM32G070 Internal RTC Wake Up Interrupt hangs. After few iterations rtc wake up interrupt is hangs. Help will be appreciated.

  if(low_power_mode == 1)  {    standby(10);    HAL_RTCEx_DeactivateWakeUpTimer(&hrtc);      }void standby(int seconds) { /* Clear all related wakeup flags*/  __HAL_PWR_CLEAR_FLAG(PWR_FLAG_WUF2);  rtc_set_wake_up_timer_s(seconds); HAL_PWR_Enter...

STM32G070: ADC14 Calibration Issues: values are too low

My readings from the ADC are lower than expected. I am using an external Vref. Vref is OK. ​I ran HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_Start() after waiting tADCVREG_STUP . The Reference Manual says  the saved calibration factor is "internally applied to the ADC".C...

DBroo.1 by Associate III
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STM32G070CB: What are Flash Zones A and B?

The HAL Manual for the STM32G070xx mentions OB_WRPAREA_ZONE_A and OB_WRPAREA_ZONE_B. The Reference Manual mentions Zone A and Zone B. But there is no mention of the difference between the two or when to use one vs the other. There are 64 pages of Fla...

DBroo.1 by Associate III
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