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Stereo FMAC

Hi ST!I am writing to ask if any ST MCU's will be released with 2x independent FMAC units?At the moment, doing stereo audio processing with a single FMAC is problematic (and ST MCU's ONLY have a single FMAC unit), especially being unable to load the ...

etheory by Senior
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VBUS Detection on STM32F769i Discovery Board

Hi team,              I am using stm32f769 discovery board for implementing OTG HS(MSC) on it. After seeing it's schematic am bit confused regarding the VBUS pin handling. According to the below schematic VBUS is handling by USB3300 PHY.I. VBUS Handl...

Shikamaru_0-1709191923215.png Shikamaru_1-1709192049328.png Shikamaru_3-1709192480846.png

STM32 USB OTG Dual Role

HI team,          I am using STM32F7 series controller. I want to use USB OTG in dual mode where I want to run USB device and Host on same application. So till now I couldn't find a single application or sample related to this. Can anyone narrow down...

Home energy management system for smart grid

Hi allI am doing the research and development for a home energy management system (EMS) for smart grid applications and my prototype is in the early stage of development.My prototype is tested working fine with Ethernet IPv4 (TCP/IP). However, the Io...


USB OTG Sample

Hi team,            I am working on USB recently, wanted to try the OTG application. I want to understand the OTG working is there any project or sample code or docs available for the same? if yes, plz share me the reference. Thanks,Shikamru

Using NUCLEO F756ZG - Checking speed of calculations

Hello all,Just started working with STM - Nucleo is my first trial at thisI am operating at 216MHzI noticed this while loop is taking almost 80uSec to complete with the simple trial floating point calculations& output a square wave that I can see on ...

JJAYAR by Associate
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VBAT and Power Controll

Hi.I made a custom board using stm32f767connect Coincell (CR1220) to VBAT and turn it off, I think I'm going into some modeSometimes it does not go into the main when the power is turned on again, and the battery life is short when the power is turne...

Octo83 by Associate
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