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Resolved! Saving Preset Data to STM32F373

I have an app running on an STM32F373 and need to save 'presets' as persistent non-volatile data.  Each preset is 500bytes and I would like to save at least 100 presets.What is the simplest method?  Should I use a removable SD card type solution, or ...

LMorr.3 by Senior
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ADC calibration issue

Hi , I am trying to calibrate ADC in STM32334R8. But the code is stoping at calibration phase itself. I will attach the initilization code below for your reference.  LL_ADC_Disable(ADC1);LL_GPIO_ResetOutputPin(GPIOC,LL_GPIO_PIN_8);LL_ADC_EnableIntern...

vasudev by Associate II
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Single AWD to monitor 2 channels from different ADCs

Hi,As from the title, is it possible to use the same AWD to monitor 2 channels from 2 different ADCs?Specifically, I have a designed a simple digitizer around a f303k8. ADC1 and ADC2 have been configured in continous mode, with AWD2 and AWD3 as monit...

hrtim hal library

hi, I was looking for HAL -library for stm32334r8 MCU but i dont see anything about HRTIM in the avilable HALY library. where can I find HAL instructions documentation for HRTIM ? 

vasudev by Associate II
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Issue with ADC conversion time.

Hi, I am developing digital control for power electronics for which ADC conversion time is critically. In stm32f334r8 reference manual I saw it takes only 0.19us at lowest sampling time i.e 1.5 cycles. when I tried to measure the adc conversion time ...

vasudev by Associate II
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for an inverter PWM -ADC -feedback -synching

What is the best meathd to of feedback method In sineinverter (like commercial) ?is it good by a forumal appling instead using look up rable .It saves the memoryIf i use look up tableconst unsigned char sin_table[416]={0, 16, 32, 47, 62, 77, 91, 103,...

Incorrect address of TIM1 in STM32NUCLEOF302R8

Recently while using the TIM1 feature in NUCLEOF302R8(DOCUMENT NUMBER:DS9896), I've found that the address was wrong in the datasheet but the address of TIM1 in SFR is correct when I tried the address in SFR's It worked.   I'll list the findings that...

SFR TIM1.png TIM1 addr_pages-to-jpg-0001.png

Inconsistent Timer Interrupt

I'm running an STM32F373 with 8Mhz osc and enabled PLL in the clock config to get 24Mhz on the timer buses.I setup TIM2 to TIM_IT_UPDATE interrupt at 4Hz.  I send a one time 10ms pulse to an output pin each time TIM2 interrupts.  ( I have a speaker b...

LMorr.3 by Senior
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