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Why my crc is not configurable ?

I tried to use the hardware crc for my device stm32f103  . But the STM32CubeMX ( version : 6.10 ) doesnot provide any parameters configuration for this IP. The generated  crc.c is as follows :/* CRC init function */void MX_CRC_Init(void){/* USER CODE...

hanguofu by Associate
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Resolved! HAL_DMA_Start_IT - CALL back

hi,DMA setting is in NORMAL mode i am getting output GPIO-C Port  via tim2_up .HAL_DMA_Start_IT(&hdma_tim2_up, (uint32_t)pixelclock, (uint32_t)&(GPIOC->ODR), 2);it's working fine but i need to enable call back once data is  transferred  .the followin...

MMARI.1 by Senior
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I have a problem with HAL LWIP that is very troubling

  When I was using Cube MX software to generate LWIP examples for STM32F107, using RAW mode was very normal. But once FREERTOS  lwip is selected through CUBEMX, basic PING communication cannot be achieved. I am wondering if there is anything to pay a...

King by Associate
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what is port output speed in STM32

Hi.I'm looking for some answer which I can not find anywere.What is the time between instruction execution time consisting of writing '1' to GPIO->BSRR of any pin and port and real mcu pin state in case when HCLK is e.g. 72MHz and APB2 is 4,5MHz (APB...

sholojda by Associate III
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HID issue with multiple report id

Hi Everyone,I am currently using STM32F103 for making a usb hid which acts as both, a keyboard and a gamepad.Please take a look at the descriptor and code below.Both of these work properly when used individually but when I combine them both and add r...

aksh3101 by Associate
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