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HAL_CAN_AddTxMessage() returning error

Hii st-term   Can you please tell what is issue in this code it is going in Error Handler HAL_StatusTypeDef HAL_CAN_AddTxMessage(CAN_HandleTypeDef *hcan, const CAN_TxHeaderTypeDef *pHeader, const uint8_t aData[], uint32_t *pTxMailbox) { uint32...

Resolved! Help with load & Executing Code into Stm32 mcu Ram

I have both STM32F1038T6 and STM32F401CC. I have been trying to get a code to run from ram for days now. Im using arduino ide with stm32duino.  i first create a buffer in ram with malloc then  copy the code to the buffer using memcpy. The code is in ...

KeiKei by Associate
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stm32f1 DMA to PWM first bit issue

Hi,Im new to stm forums so sorry if i make any mistakes.Im using a stm32f103RET6 since i am familiar with f103 and i need usb/other peripherals. Thus far everything works great. However...Im trying to offload some work from cpu to DMA by sending a pr...

Levi--G by Associate II
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Home energy management system for smart grid

Hi allI am doing the research and development for a home energy management system (EMS) for smart grid applications and my prototype is in the early stage of development.My prototype is tested working fine with Ethernet IPv4 (TCP/IP). However, the Io...


Resolved! STM32F100 PWM signal on PC6, setup question

Hi Firstly, sadly I can not change to HAL as I don't have time to port this all across right now for this project dealine. I am trying to setup a PWM signal on PC6 on the STM32F100, I am pretty sure I need to set it as an alternat function but I have...

TDuck.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Incorrect Flash Size

Hello. I am confused about the amount of flash on an STM32F105VBT6. From the overview for the STM32F105/107 devices, I gather that this MCU should have 128 Kbytes of flash. And in STM32CubeProgrammer, in the lower right, it says that the target has 1...

John54 by Associate
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