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Resolved! ADC making code not upload correctly

Hi, I'm programming an STM32F030C8T6 MCU. When I attempt to upload my code, it gives me an error: "Could not halt device (19)". I noticed that this only happens when ADC is enabled from CubeMX. When I disable it, everything works fine. The code doesn...

JS8 by Associate III
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Could not halt device (19)

Hi,I am trying to program STM32F030C8T6 with STM32CubeIDE. When I try to upload the code, it says the download was successful but then it fails to halt the device. I have tried setting "Reset behaviour" to "None" as other posts have suggested, but th...

JS8 by Associate III
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USB CDC how to increase speed (baud rate) ?

Hello everyone,I am working on a signal analyser device, which needs to transmit data serially as fast as possible (idealy 1Mbaud/s).I am doing the following loop to transmit:  uint8_t buf_high[1] = {124}; // '|' uint8_t buf_low[1] = {48}; // '0' ini...

LLope.31 by Associate III
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Resolved! Reading data by ADC using DMA is not working Poreperly

I am trying to read some data by ADC using DMA transfer method I configured the ADC   attached the code belowI cannot getting the ADC value in all buffer only  read the 3rd  buffer 1st and second buffer shows grabage value please help me i tried out ...


Resolved! 5V Tolerant GPIO pins (STM32F030K6T6)

I am interfacing a 5V PWM signal with an STM32F030K6T6 MCU using PB0. According to the datasheet this pin is 5V Tolerant. In the past, regardless of a pin's "tolerance" to 5V I have always used a level shifter to change this 5V signal to a 3.3V sig...

Resolved! TSC not working STM32F042

Hello everybody, I designed a touch sensor whith the STM32F042 MCU but after a week of constant testing and experimenting still not working. First the problem was that the TSC always get in the too much count error, after I thought that maybe the cap...

Resolved! Kit/boards recommendation for handheld game console

Hi,I have for dream to be able to create a handheld game console like the PSP when I was younger. It's for this main reason I study electronics.I wonder if there is a kit that help me to understand and learn about the concept of it or something not t...

KarlY by Associate II
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