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Resolved! STM32f103c8t6 how to comfigure TIM3 for a period of 5ms

Hi community,I am trying to port a project from old library maple leaf or older built for Arduino to to STM32cubeIDEthis function I couldn't find any ref to it, my guess it that is sets the period to 5ms Timer3.setPeriod(1000 / 200); browsing some th...

Keita by Associate II
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Disabling JTAG

What are the different ways of disabling the JTAG in STM32G4 series? Is Direct Register Programming an option? 

Tushar_4 by Associate II
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Resolved! Difficulty getting 16MHz HSE started

Hi all,I am testing a new dev board I designed to use a 16MHz crystal for the HSE. Been scouring the forums for a few days trying to find potential flaws in my design and/or solutions to no avail.The MCU in question I am working with is the STM32F407...

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STM32H573 I2S audio clock problem

Hi, I'm trying to set the following parameters for I2S in Device Configuration Tool (STM32CubeIDE v1.14.0): - Master Clock Output enable - audio frequency: 48kHz - Data and Frame Format: 16 bits I want to connect an external 12.288 MHz clock to the A...

Wojtek2 by Associate
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CEC HDMI hanshaking example and bug in MX report

First bug, i start testing CEC on F051DISCO . Open MX create config for KEIL v5 and generate code.After build and load i spent some hours to locate why code dont receive and hangs. Elaborate bad generated startus assembler file where is IRQ named CEC...

MM..1 by Chief
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Resolved! Interfacing SDRAM with STM32F745

Hello everyone,I want to use the MT46V64M8P-5B:J 64Mx8 SDRAM by Micron with a STM32F745IET6 microcontroller.I'm configuring the peripheral on stm32IDE and it looks fine, the configurator automatically set PG8 as clock signal. Still, the SDRAM require...


SPI Receive

Hi, I am working on SPI to communicate with the AD9959 from analog device, I'm analyzing the MOSI and MISO signal with probes on an oscilloscope and can see that  I can successfully write and read from the device, the thing is that HAL_SPI_Receive() ...

Vueko by Associate III
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