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I'm out before I even really got started...

Hopefully someone at STE cares enough to take this honest feedback on board...My project had to move from atmel to something with more performance.  I settled on STM32.The experience has been terrible due to sub-optimal documentation from STE, relyin...


Hello, I have a question for you, does the ST company have a program for the Rust language?

AHass.5 by Associate II
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I'm using an STM32H563 and the STM32CubMX for initialisation. I'm trying to use the USART in DMA mode and having trouble with the Tx DMA.I use:HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(&huart10, (uint8_t *) uart10RxDMABuffer, UART10_RX_BUFFER_SIZE);for the receiv...

Resolved! STM32H7 | MPUs in dual cores

Hello @ all,I'm dealing with a project with stm32H755 MCU, as you know it is made of two cores: cortex-M7 and cortex-M4. Keeping in mind I'm using a few peripherals, among which FDCAN, SPI and most importantly lwIP/ETH, I'm trying to put together all...

Zzaaack by Associate III
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Resolved! Maximum External Clock supported by stm32F767.

I looked at both the datasheet and Oscillators design document for stm32 controllers. Both suggested the same speed for external Osciallaotrs for stm32F7 controllers that is 4-26 MHz.BUT, in the stm32cubeMx it gives you option to select external HSE ...

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CJami by Associate II
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How to calibrate RTC on STM32F411CEU6

Hello everyone! I have stm32f411ceu6 dev board, and I decided to use RTC. But it's going slower than time on reference clock. I use 32768 oscillator, which is soldered on the board. Can I calibrate this thing?