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VBUS Detection on STM32F769i Discovery Board

Hi team,              I am using stm32f769 discovery board for implementing OTG HS(MSC) on it. After seeing it's schematic am bit confused regarding the VBUS pin handling. According to the below schematic VBUS is handling by USB3300 PHY.I. VBUS Handl...

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Resolved! Porting WICED sdk from STM32F423 to STM32U5A5

Good morning, I have to do a porting from a project developed on STM32F423 to an STM32U5A5The starting project used the wiced sdk, with the supported platform STM32F423.If I understand well, for STM32U5A the wiced sdk is deprecated, and it would be b...

Resolved! No activate option of timer in STM32CubeIDE CubeMX

Hello, I am working with "Mastering The STM32" book and faced with one problem: cannot find the option as in the book to activate any timer using CubeMX. I am using STM32 blue pill STM32F103C8T6. Why I can't find the activate option of timers?


Hello,I'm working on a cutom made board controlled by an STM32F303ZET, I figured out that I forgot to pull up D+ for USB communication, even doing it externally keep showing me this error. I tried to pull up the D+ using 3.3V directly and also by pul...


STM32H755, is the clock too slow?

Hello everyone, I'm working on an STM32H755BI (industrial temperature range), and i'm quite disappointed by the maximum clock reachable from the system.As can be seen, the MCU can reach up to 480MHz in the core M7 and 240MHz in the core M4.After mont...

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halbeeee by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F303 PWM generation TIM1_CH3

Hi,I'm having trouble getting PWM output on my STM32F303. I'm using CubeMX for pin config, then generating for Make for use with VSCode on Ubuntu. TIM1_CH3 has been configured for PWM output on PC2, and TIM1_CH2 on PC1. CH2 works as expected, while C...

kristblo by Associate II
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