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Free Samples of STM32C0

I see that you guys are offering free samples for the new C0 chips. Are these only available for business or can hobbyist have access to these samples? I am working on some home automation devices and would like to try these chips as I am familiar wi...

r_heem by Associate
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Bug in HAL STM32C011J6M6 when MCO Output is set.

Hello,I have a very simple project to generate 50/60Hz PWM signal with MCO 3MHz output for other HW. So far my code is just turning on the PWM, everything else is generated by CubeMX. But the MCU falls into HardFault when MCO (Pin 4 PF2-NRST) is set ...

ONadr.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! How to program STM32C011J6M6 in SO8

Hello.I would like to know the correct procedure to program mcu in this case. I have four outputs as timer PWM output (1,4,5,8), one as GPIO(6) input and one as GPIO(7) output. I have ST-Link 2 (SWDIO,SWCLK,NRST) for programming. I'm not sure what to...

ONadr.1 by Senior III
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RTC SubSecond does not generate an interrupt with an STM32C031. Interrupt works perfectly on calendar type alarms. I work in LSE at 32768KHz, divider 127 and 255

RTC_TimeTypeDef sTime = {0}; RTC_DateTypeDef sDate = {0}; RTC_AlarmTypeDef sAlarm = {0}; /* USER CODE BEGIN RTC_Init 1 */ /* USER CODE END RTC_Init 1 */ /** Initialize RTC Only */ hrtc.Instance = RTC; hrtc.Init.HourFormat = RTC_HOURFORMAT_24; hrtc.In...

FBERL.1 by Associate
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