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Resolved! Output Capture not working to blink LED on NUCLEO-C031C6

I am trying to implement output capture using the LL APIs but cannot get it to blink the LED every one second on the NUCLEO board, however, I cannot get it to blink at all. Is there a register I missed?Here is my code:#include "stm32c0xx_ll_bus.h"#in...

HPate.12 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32C031C6 Timer Input Capture

I'm attempting to do a simple Input Capture using Timer1. I thought as a start I would generate a single 200uS pulse using a Signal Generator and use Timer1 to detect it. I can't seem to get the capture to work no matter what I do.I tried using HAL a...

MHank.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32C031C6 Timer confusion

The code below links Timer1 in master mode to Timer3 in slave mode producing a 4 second toggle on PB8 and it works correctly.My question is I'm not able to follow the flow of the signal in the Timer chart below the code.If someone would show me the s...

MHank.1 by Associate III
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So, what to expect from the 'C0?

As said, the 'C0 is mostly a cut-down 'G0. Let's now put aside the "is it a true STM8 replacement" and the price-related discussion, let's just have a look at what we can and what we can't find in these chips. I had a look at the DS and RM and here a...

SPI to I2C bridge

Did anybody already develop a code for SPI to I2C bridge using STM32CO? If yes, where can I find it?Thank you

FMado.1 by Associate
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