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Resolved! Failure when Configuring UART1 in the STM32C031C6

I'm using the STM32C031C6 configured with USART1 in 115200. When opening communication with the YAT serial terminal, the bytes are sent and received wrong. (I used STMCubeMX for code generation).Ex: (YAT configured correctly as it works on an older p...

hgalindo by Associate II
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Wiring STM32C011J6 (SO8) MCU to STLINK-V3

I have an STLINK-V3 set, and I'd like to program an STM32C011J6 MCU.I'm not sure how to wire the programmer to that device, since I only have eight pins available, with VDD, GND, and RST leaves only five pins remaining, but I'm not sure how to wire t...

polemon by Associate II
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system header deterioration bug ...

I recently struggled with the SPI peripheral of the stm32c031, the reference manual is somewhat veiled on occasions.Anyway, taking a closer look at the relevant system header part, I saw this : * @file stm32c031xx.h * @author MCD Application T...

Ozone by Lead
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Resolved! ADC via DMA conversion time on Nucleo-C031C6

Hello, I have an issue with the ADC conversion timing while using the DMA controller.I have only configured 1 ADC channel, 12b res. and the ADC clock is at 24MHz (50% of SYSCLK), and it shows correct conversion results (verified by a simple voltage d...

DDjur.1 by Associate II
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Free Samples of STM32C0

I see that you guys are offering free samples for the new C0 chips. Are these only available for business or can hobbyist have access to these samples? I am working on some home automation devices and would like to try these chips as I am familiar wi...

r_heem by Associate
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Bug in HAL STM32C011J6M6 when MCO Output is set.

Hello,I have a very simple project to generate 50/60Hz PWM signal with MCO 3MHz output for other HW. So far my code is just turning on the PWM, everything else is generated by CubeMX. But the MCU falls into HardFault when MCO (Pin 4 PF2-NRST) is set ...

ONadr.1 by Senior III
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