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I couldn't able wakeup the system after standby (wakeup should be switching ON mains ) the wakeup pin PA2 is connected to mains pin configured for pwr wakeup.  int main(void) { /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */ /* USER CODE END 1 */ /* MCU Configuratio...

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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low power modes

this part in my code completely making my prototype to sleep which should not.As my standby should workout if the main power supply is OFF for 30 seconds.I have tried shutdown mode and exti thats too behaved the samePlease help what may be wrong  _...

meena by Associate III
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I am trying to read Analog voltage from two different channel one is mains supply and another is battery voltage.But I am getting both values same in live expression window.Does my config wong.Pls helpvoid ADC_Mains(void) { ADC_ChannelConfTypeDef s...

meena by Associate III
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stm32co debugger/programmer

Hi,I am using a prototype with stm32c011f6p6 MCU to program that Can i use STM32F40 discovery kit.I used but I couldn't able debug.I need to is it possible or I need to buy a separate programmer.any issues with hardware i couldn't able to find

SRAM.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! Failure when Configuring UART1 in the STM32C031C6

I'm using the STM32C031C6 configured with USART1 in 115200. When opening communication with the YAT serial terminal, the bytes are sent and received wrong. (I used STMCubeMX for code generation).Ex: (YAT configured correctly as it works on an older p...

hgalindo by Associate II
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Wiring STM32C011J6 (SO8) MCU to STLINK-V3

I have an STLINK-V3 set, and I'd like to program an STM32C011J6 MCU.I'm not sure how to wire the programmer to that device, since I only have eight pins available, with VDD, GND, and RST leaves only five pins remaining, but I'm not sure how to wire t...

polemon by Associate II
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