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SDMMC1 get stuck in SD_SendSDStatus

Hi,I am implementing micro-sd card with STM32H573RI using SDMMC1 interface. I am using HSE clock with input frequency 25MHz and the system clock is running at 250 MHz. SDMMC1 clock mux is sourced by PLL1Q(25MHz).All the SD card initial commands in th...

PB S.1 by Associate II
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Stuck while reading/wirting from/to SD card

Hi, I have STM32F407 and trying to read/wirte from/to SD card and often the code get stuck in the this loop: static uint32_t SD_FindSCR(SD_HandleTypeDef *hsd, uint32_t *pSCR) { //... while(!__HAL_SD_GET_FLAG(hsd, SDIO_FLAG_RXOVERR | SDIO_FLAG_DC...

JBond.1 by Senior
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problem in the implementation of USBOTG

I am currently working on a project that involves integrating USB functionality for data transfer and data logging on an STM32F407VG micro-controller. Specifically, I want to log data files on an SD card and enable the user to download these logged f...


I am using the STMH7A3ZI-Q Nucleo Board together with the WFM200S Silicon Labs WiFi Board.The example project of the WFM200S uses the deprecated SDIO library with an F4 Nucelo ( (

Hueli.1 by Associate III
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STM32F4: SD Card as the USB Mass Storage Drive

Posted on December 15, 2014 at 22:02I'm working on a project that has an on-board SD card and a USB port. I'd like to figure out how to connect the SD card to the USB as a mass storage device. Does anyone have any experience doing this and can provi...

rory by Associate
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STM32F2XX + SDIO + FatFs problem

Posted on January 09, 2012 at 10:38Hi, I've a problem with my STM32. I need to use fat filesystem on SD card to read/write/create files. I tried to use Chan FatFs module but it didn't working at all ... I use SD card in SDIO and 4 wires mode. When I...

eMMC with SDIO

Hello every one I want to use EMMC instead of SD card with SDIO interface with STM32F407VET6. I have tried SD 1bit and 4bits wide bus. (I am choosing SD to enable FATFS)First I've used f_mkfs to create a File System on the eMMC. It returns FR_OK. And...

l90mehdi by Associate II
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