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Hello, I am working on the stm32f373C8T6 MCU and trying to get some values out of the SDADC but I don't get any values apart from 0 and sometimes 5209/5217 for some reason. I am following the datasheet's instructions that I will display below.

Initialization 1. As prerequisite, fill in the HAL_SDADC_MspInit() :  Enable SDADCx clock interface with __SDADCx_CLK_ENABLE(). Configure SDADCx clock divider with HAL_RCCEx_PeriphCLKConfig. Enable power on SDADC with HAL_PWREx_EnableSDADC(). Enable ...

RKula.1 by Associate
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Why SDADC could't not start

Hi everyone,I designed my custom board with stm32f373c8. SDADC runs properly when voltage reference is setted with Vref or VDDA. But when voltage reference is setted with internal 1.8 volt or internal 1.2 , sdadc could't start. It waited while loop t...

Sy??n by Associate
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STM32f373 multimode simultaneous on SDADC1 & SDADC2

Hello, I am trying to configue SDADC1 and SDADC2 in injected mode to read simultaneous values on the 2 converters. Using CUBEMX I configure injected mode for SDADC1 and sync mode for SDADC2 . Problem SDACD2 always read 0.Any working example available...

iw2ndh by Associate
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Resolved! (SOLVED) STABIP in STM32F373CC never gets cleared

Hi there,I am using the STM32F373CC in LQFP48 package on my own application (not a nucleo or discovery board) with all supplies and references connected to 3.3V and decoupled as suggested by ST.The microcontroller is running as expected, I/Os are ope...

TThan by Associate III
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STM32F37x SDADC data count offset change

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 18:25I've been working with the SDADC hardware on the stm32f37x.  Using a sdadc clock of 6 MHz and software triggering 3 injected channels in single-ended zero-reference mode every millisecond.  I've noticed that when app...

gregg by Associate II
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Multi-channel SDADC on STM32F373 using HAL

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 14:02 I'm trying to get the SDADC on a STM32F373 working for muti-channel acquisitions using the HAL (and not standard peripheral library). I've not found a good multi-channel tutorial/example that uses the HAL, so I...

STM32f373 SDADC multi channel error.

Posted on December 07, 2017 at 05:43Hi, I use 3channel of SDADC in injected mode.My error is SDADC value is saved anothor variables.SDADC1 result -> saved at SDADC2 variable.SDADC2 result -> saved at SDADC3 variable.SDADC3 result -> saved at SDADC1 ...