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Resolved! STM32F373 SDADC Analog input range

Hi, I have 50Hz sinewave with 660mVp-pk, should i connect this to SDADC analog input? It can measure negative cycle of the sinewave? i.e. If i configure SDADC as single ended zero reference mode then it can measure negative cycle of the sinewave?Na...

16 Bit SDADC is only giving 15 Bit value

I am running both SDADCs on a STM32373C-EVAL evaluation board. One of them is giving me the correct values from 0-65.535 but the second one is giving me 0-32.767 on the same voltage.I have configured them using the Cube IDE and Hal. They are set up e...

RKage.3 by Associate
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Config of differential SDADCs in STM32F373

Hello all,I thought this is a straight forward thing but for me it turned out not to be...What I want to do is simply using SDADC1 and SDADC2 and perform a regular conversation at a time in multimode. I configured both in CubeMX and tried to sample b...

Bench by Associate III
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Resolved! AN4207 Single ended zero reference mode

Hello.Reffering to AN4207(Doc ID 023945 Rev 1) Single ended zero reference mode (Page 9):This mode injects an input common mode of half scale to the ADC thus maintaining the dynamic range the same as in differential mode (-32767 to +32767). In this m...

glinsky by Associate
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SDADC Tolerance issue with STM32F373CCT6 MCU.

Hi,We have a problem with SDADC on STM32F373CCT6. We are using two SDADC Analog pins to measure the voltage. Even through the voltage on the both the Analog MCU Pins SDADC-1 and SDADC-2 are same, the digital output voltage and ADC values from the MC...

PMahe.1 by Associate
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SDADC speed, accuracy and calibration.

Trying to get best of STM32F373CCT6 & its differental moded SDADC1 for a pressisios bridge type sensor.Datasheet's say that the SDADC speed limit is 50kS per second.Ive reached only 68uSec (~15k) for thisHAL_GPIO_WritePin(GPIOA,GPIO_PIN_4,GPIO_PIN_SE...

es131245 by Associate II
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How to make the STM32373C-EVAL SDADC to work?

Hello,I am working on the stm32373C-EVAL but I can't get the SDADC to give me satisfying values.I am following the UM1786 "how tu use this driver" instructions on p°594:I fill in the HAL_SDADC_MspInit(), the HAL_ADC_Init() is used, I call HAL_SDADC_P...

RKula.1 by Associate
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