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Resolved! Creating software based retriggerable one pulse timer

Hi, I want to create a timer with retriggerable pulse of specified length. Now I know timer can do it, but there is an issue with one pulse retriggerable mode that needs to be from outside trigger otherwise it dont work. My application is specific an...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! f373 SDADC one input is pulling down.

Hello, I have a custom designed board with 7 analog inputs on sigma delta ADC's.6 of my inputs are working properly. I have a software issue.When I erase the flash or de-solder the mcu I can measure the correct voltage from my test points.But when I ...

Resolved! Cannot get continuous data from SDADC

Background: I use the stm32373c evaluation board to make project. One part of the project is to use the 16bit SDADC to acquire sinewaveform generated from function generator and send the data to pc sw thr. uart. I follow the evaluation board example ...

0693W00000FBpDcQAL.png 0693W00000FBpM5QAL.png
KShen.1 by Associate II
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How use external trigger SDADC correctly of STM32F3 ?

Hi everyone ! I want configure external trigger of sdadc in stm32373c-eval. Trigger external is TIM13 configured at 1700Hz (purple signal), when HAL_SDADC_InjectedConvCpltCallback execute i did that toggle LED and the toggle is doing 16's in one peri...

BarcaM by Associate II
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Why is DMA state READY when I want to abort DMA?

Hi!I'm doing SDADC and I think there is some issues with the DMA for SDADC in STM32CubeIDE 1.7.0.First, I have enabled DMA for SDADC1, SDADC2, SDADC3 and I have selected InjectedConversion = ENABLE. Then I run this function. volatile static int16_t S...

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DMårt by Senior II
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Why does the DMA not read the Sigma Delta ADC?

I have sigma delta 16-bit ADC enabled. It works great with regular interrupt. No problem there, but when I'm trying to use DMA with Sigma Delta ADC, then nothing happens. It will only be zeros.I have 9 SDADC zero referenze on SDADC1, 3 SDADC zero ref...

DMårt by Senior II
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Resolved! How can I use Capture Compare as external trigger source?

Hi!This might be a simple question, but I still haven't solved it. I want to create an external trigger source for SDADC 16-bit and I have selected TIM12 Capture Compare 1 as external trigger source. Then I have enable the Output Compare, because I d...

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DMårt by Senior II
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