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SRAM2 content lost on ECC switch off and switch on again

Hi all, (STM32U575..) we have the SRAM2 ECC active on reset by the according configuration of the flash option byte. For testing purpose I switch off the ECC by using the HAL_RAMCFG_StopECC(&hramcfg_SRAM2), manipulate one cell for a one bit error and...

PScal by Associate III
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Resolved! Save image (1280*960) to external SRAM via DCMI

hiI am currently working on a project that utilizes the STM32H753 to acquire images through an image sensor called AR1034.However, the size of the image I am acquiring is 1280*960. Due to the large size, it is not possible to store it inside the MCU,...

dorawa by Associate
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Receive into external RAM via DMCI

uC: STM32H725AEIToolchain / IDE: STM32CubeIDECubeMX version: 6.8.0I'm using CubeMX for code generation with HAL drivers.I'm currenty receiving a JPEG from a camera via DCMI with 640x480.I'd like to step up the game to 1280x960, but the picture would ...

Resolved! SRAM2 erased on backup domain reset

Hi @all,we have an application, where we use the LSE. In due to weaknesses of the part we use, the LSE can fail sometimes.If I then use the __HAL_RCC_BACKUPRESET_FORCE() and __HAL_RCC_BACKUPRESET_RELEASE() to reset the LSE and LSI system, also the SR...

PScal by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32, Stack-Utilization

Hello,for determining the Stack-Utilization I fill it with 0xDADBEEF. If you have recommendations and other ideas, I’d like to know and looking forward to learn from others, how they approach the issues “Stacksize” and “Stackutilization”.Code for the...


Resolved! STM32H755 RAMECC DTCM unexpected behavior

Reference documents: STM32H755 reference manual - RM0399, ECC implementation guide for STM devices - AN5342I have been implementing a handler for errors triggered by RAMECC on an STM32H755 Nucleo dev board. Testing of the handler has been conducted b...

tkee2023 by Associate
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What MCUs have backup SRAM maintained by VBAT?

STM32F407VG has 4kB of backup SRAM that's preserved when VDD is removed if VBAT is present. A few other MCUs in the STM32F40x line have that feature too.Do any MCUs outside of the STM32F40x line have SRAM that's preserved with VBAT? Is there a way ...