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Resolved! QSPI Initialization AutoPolling timeout without BSP

Working with the STM32H747i-Eval board with a touchGFX application. Need the QSPI for assets and not wanting to use the BSP due to wanting to have more control over clock speeds and pinout configuration.I'm in need of some more experienced advice whe...


Hello, we're using STM32H753XI in our custom board wherein we've ADIN1200 LAN driver, W25Q flash on QUADSPI. we've configured the memory regions for Ethernet Rx, TX DMAs and pool memory like this       RW_DMARxDscrTab 0x30040000 0x60 { *(.RxDecrip...

AShel.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H750 Quad SPI Flash Dual Image

Hello together,we have a board with an STM32H750I connected to a W25Q128 Quad SPI flash. We have our application code on the Quad SPI flash and run our application via XiP. This works fine. Now we work on our bootloader to update the application code...

ESawa.1 by Associate III
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Use internal flash and external NOR in one application

I am using stm32h743, my program is too big to fit in internal flash so I have to use QSPI or FMC. My question is that I don't want to put the whole application in external flash since it is slower, are there ways to have my part of the application i...

XLin.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hardfault :STM32H750 Customer Bootloader Jump to Application

Hello everyone:I have a problem with my project.My project is to use STM32H750UBKx  + Keil MDK5 IDE to design.The customer bootloader runs in Flash, and The application runs in Quad SPI NOR Flash (or SRAM).Problem: When I execute the code "JumpToAppl...

Andex by Associate II
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QSPI unexpected clock behavior STM32H723VGTx

Dear Community,for my application I use the STM32H723VGTx where I'm using the OSPI interface as a SPI and QSPI to control a external sensor (MCU SPI master, sensor SPI slave). Now I face some issues with this communication interface, for debugging re...

Screenshot_20230710_061705.png Screenshot_20230710_063602.png Screenshot_20230710_061552.png

Resolved! OSPI Default Pin Level of DIO0-3 in QSPI mode

Dear Community,for my application I'm using a STM32H723VGTx to control a sensor via the OSPI interface which is operating in QSPI mode (STM32 master, sensor slave). After I had a look on the bus interface with a Logic Analyzer I'm wondering, if there...