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Resolved! Strange in debugging NOR Flash

In STM32CubeIDE, the NOR Flash seems to work fine that data was correct both by reading to variable and reading 0x90000000 of memory mapping address.But if terminate the session and restart and just read the data, it is all gone.And there is another ...

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Resolved! Writing and reading to external NORFlash using QuadSPI on STM32H743 mcu and successfully test erase, write, and read the flash a few days ago but now only read works. What could cause the erase and write command to not fail but not work either?

A few days ago I successfully tested erasing the NORFlash as entire chip erase, block erase, and sector erase. I also was able to write a string to Flash and read the string back out of Flash into a buffer. After working on other development I came ...

PFlor.2 by Associate III
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STM32H745XIT6 MT25QL256A External Loader not working

Hi every one ..I designed custom board for stm32h745xit6 .My TouchGFX working fine with internal flash .The core board has mt25ql256a and connected as under PB2 CLKPG6 NCSPF8 D0PF9 D1PF7 D2PF6 D3I generated STLDR as explained in ST videos

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INaee.1 by Associate III
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STM32H747 QSPI Flash Dual mode wrong R/W data

I am using QUAD SPI in STM32H747 in dual mode. 2 x W25N01GV flash memory chips are connected. The problem is that the odd data (bank 1, flash 1) is written / read normally, and the data of the second bank (flash2) is shifted by 4 bytes (in the first ...


I want to read and write to w25q128jv with stm32l5 octo spi insted of quad spi.. is there anybody help me. ı could not write correctly.. and ı could not erase. correctly. first problem is when ı was write whiel start addres 0 my code write start to t...

Snm.1 by Associate III
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