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OCTOSPI with dma used for external DAC

Hallo.I want to use OSPI to feed an external DAC with data.Data shall be transfered through DMA from memory to OSPI. Eight bits and OSPI-CLK shall be used.In the first place I set up OSP in octo mode, disabled all IRQ etc. and tried to write one byte...

edemier9 by Associate II
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Problem regarding programming NOR flash via OCTOSPI

I am using STM32L4R5 and S25FL128L (quadspi) NOR flash interfaced over OCTOSPI. Currently we are using single channel for erase, read and write operations. Read and erase operations seems working fine. But we are facing issue for write/program operat...

JohnG by Associate
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about STM32L4R5ZI octo-spi

I am using NUCLEO-L4R5ZI.I already know about datasheet and application note.I generated code using by CubeMX. And I use peripheral LPUART and OCTOSPI.Nucleo board is connected to FPGA board.FPGA board don`t have flash memory(micron or macronix). But...

djin.9 by Associate
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