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Resolved! I am using STM32F070F6P6 Help me about modbus/SPI

i want to build continuous potentiometer with dma which is sensing wind direction . I have to use modbus because send data on an another STM32F070F6P6 microcontroller, but in the reference manual pdf(page 22) it says we can't work modbus communicati...

Hhope.1 by Associate
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Please give me some example for RS485 with automatic hardware flow control when interfacing with Energymeter...Tried a lot but not able to receive anything from energymeter.

I have connected my RS485 automatic hardware flow control with energymeter and with the help of that, tried to transmit the query 01 04 00 21 00 02 (forf voltage) along with CRC check ....uint16_t ModRtu_CRC(uint8_t buf[8], int len){ uint16_t crc = 0...

SVerm.3 by Associate III
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stm32f103 modbus rtu-485 with Delta hmi

Posted on April 02, 2018 at 15:31Hello, My name is Mahmoud form Turkey,I'm trying to connect Delta Hmi with modbus protocol using RS485 connection method. I use STM32F103C8 microcontroller. I'm trying to apply to finish my internship project, I know...

Modbus over RS485 with STM32F303K8

I'm looking to make a loop of MCUs as slaves to a PC master so that I can send commands to them. The idea is to use the and

RWedu.1 by Associate II
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Modbus rtu on STM32L031G4

I want to implement the modbus rtu on the micro STM32L031G4 which library do you recommend?(if you use freeROTS how should I configure the micro da cube ide?)

Fscu.1 by Associate II
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How to configure the MODBUS holding registers?

I ordered a EVAL robot kit-1 from STM and im trying to connect the motor to a MODBUS software. I used ICC MODBUS MASTER application. There is a problem with the holding registers. NO OTHER VALUE than 4 for the Target position in degrees (least signif...

AReem.1 by Associate
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