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Hello, Please suggest a Software solution where I can power on the entire LPUART1 peripheral on STM32L4 only when I want. Any data received on the UART lines before I power on the LPUART1 must in no way be accessible to the MCU

Hello,  I have an issue with LPUART communication on my custom board housing STM32L4 MCU. I have a peripheral connected to the LPUART1 lines. This peripheral is quectel MC60 GSM module. I am turning the module on from STM32L4 (by toggling a GPIO). Af...

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Losses the bytes of data in LPUART IRQ HANDLER?

I have configured LPUART with 9600 baud rate and enable receiver interrupt with MCU 65Khz low power mode and my uart handler likevoid LPUART1_IRQHandler(void){ uint32_t isrflags  = READ_REG(hlpuart1.Instance->ISR); uint32_t cr1its   = READ_REG(hlpuar...

Uart timeout?

Hi,I am using LPUART for sending data to the GSM. I wrote own uart transmit driver without timeout, like void LPUART1_Send_Data(uint8_t *string){ while(*string) { if((LPUART1->ISR & USART_ISR_TC)==USART_ISR_TC) { LPUART1->TDR=*string; ...

Resolved! LPUART RX DMA Configured But Does Not Start!

Hello:I seemingly have the LPUART now configured correctly. For sure the transmit (without DMA) functions OK. I only have receive DMA configured. As usual, it was done in Cube.uint8_t rxBuff[40];#define RX_DMA_SZ 10The start is the same as I am using...

L433 UART Tx Output is Not What is Being Sent

Hello:I am trying to determine why the LPUART is transmitting out the values I am seeing. They make little sense. Here is the UART setup:void MX_LPUART1_UART_Init(void){ hlpuart1.Instance = LPUART1; hlpuart1.Init.BaudRate = 9600; hlpuart1.Init.WordLe...

SMT32L4 USART Vs LPUART Power Consumption

Hi,We using stdio for debug output in an Mbed OS app. I don't think Mbed OS is particularly relevant to my question. It's just some simple output without flow control or anything fancy.Currently we're using USART2 for our debug output. USART2 wasn't ...

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