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Resolved! LPTIM2 STM32U585

Dear Sir.Using stm32u585 , The external clock on OSC32 pins is 32.768 Khz.I need to config LPTIM2 to run on 32.768 Khz with no success .How do I configure the SystemClock_Config() to make LPTIM2 to run on 32khz.Attached a code/** * @brief System C...

STM32L4 how to get LSE clock connected with an output pin?

The output pin in question can be configured as LPTIM1_OUT and I know how to configure the LPTIM1 but I'm afraid I'll endup with LSE/2 as a clock. I need the LSE clock source to be connected to that output pin 1:1.Besides using the LPTIM1 isn't there...

RZ by Associate II
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Resolved! LPTIM1 STM32L476RG (nucleo)??

I am trying to create a 50ms timer using the above reference. The clock is 16MHz, I have a divisor of 16 and have the NVIC enabled (all this is done in cubeMX). I have the following ISR void HAL_LPTIM_AutoReloadMatchCallback(LPTIM_HandleTypeDef *hl...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! STM32L433 LPTIM External Clock Max Freqency?

What is the max frequency when driving the LPTIM from an external clock?I would like to drive the LPTIM1 from a STM32L433 to control a Boost switch regulator. Since we can clock LPTIM1 from 80MHz PLL internal. Is this limit safe for external as well?...

JWieb by Associate III
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