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How to use LPTIM_TimeOut for a simple one-shot delay ?

I'm trying to realize some simple timings/delays in my application using the LPTIM, and although most of it is working, I don't understand it 100%.So the LPTIM is set up to run on the LSE clock (32768 Hz) (with a prescaler of 16, so the LPTIM is runn...

Strooom by Associate III
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Quad encoder user input using interrupts (LPTIM)

I'm attempting to use a quad encoder as user input. It is connected to the LPTIM1, so I was going to use the HAL functions with encoder mode. I want to be able to sense both the direction and amount of turn of the encoder in order to move selection ...

SMoon.2 by Associate III
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Sometimes LPTIM2 does not start when using one shot mode. I see this happened 4 years ago to another user and their question went unanswered. So I'll try. (STM32L4R5ZIT6)

// Code to start the one shot timer void set_delta_alarm(Long t) { LL_LPTIM_Enable(LPTIM2); while (0 == LL_LPTIM_IsEnabled(LPTIM2)) ; LL_LPTIM_SetAutoReload(LPTIM2, t); // * TE_SECOND / ONE_SECOND); LL_LPTIM_ClearFLAG_ARRM(LPTIM2); LL_LPTIM_Star...

RChap.1 by Associate
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ulrta low power 4 channel pulse counter

HiI would like to design an ultra low power pulse counter based. The LPTIM is the best option. However, my application require's 4 channels. Is there anyway to achive this with the STM32?BRGilberto

GErma.1 by Associate III
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LPTIM fires unexpected CMPM interrupts

I struggled with the CMPM interrupt and made a small test programm to reproduce the bug.To see whats going on I use an oscilloscope with 2 GPIO pins called A and B.​Pseudo Code:​LPTIM_IRQHandler() { setGpioA; clearFlag_CMPM; resetGpioA; } ​ main()...

aritec by Associate III
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