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STM32H7 WWDG expires during Flash Erase

I have been stuck on a tricky little issue for some time now.Using an STM32H753, on a reasonably large and complex application, when trying to erase the upper flash bank, the watchdog expires resetting the chip!My suspicion is that the CPU is stallin...

ADunc.1 by Senior
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Recover bricked STM32 MCU | STM32G041F6P6

During the process of configuring option bytes, we unfortunately got few MCUs bricked (unresponsive). In these devices, i was getting the following errors when trying to flash using STM32 programmer. (Tried both GUI and CLI with various reset modes a...


STM32 Technical Updates are back : 2024 Newsletter 1 !

Dear STM32 users and developers, This new thread is back and is dedicated for our technical developers community to share last STM32 updates, the first part will be products documentation news such as datasheets, Erratas, Applications notes  followed...

STM32 Technical updates - 2024 Newsletter1.png
STOne-32 by ST Employee
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Microcontroller debug unit on STM32H753

Hello, I'm having an issue to use the Microcontroller debug unit (DBGMCU) on STM32H753. I have got IWDG set up and working as expected and would like to have the IWDG frozen during debugging. I have set the DBG_IIWDG1 (bit 18) of register DBGMCU_APB4...

seb536 by Associate
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problem in the implementation of USBOTG

I am currently working on a project that involves integrating USB functionality for data transfer and data logging on an STM32F407VG micro-controller. Specifically, I want to log data files on an SD card and enable the user to download these logged f...

STM32F103C8 with Watchdog Timer

i try to crash my code to check the watchdog timer is reseting the code or not. for crashing my code i use timer interrupt. i.e TIM2_IRQHandler(){ ---------------; ---------------;}TIM_IRQHandler() instead of TIM2_IRQHandler . so, code will be ...

32F417 IWDG - hardware watchdog mode question

If you set the IWDG to start using the option byte, the watchdog cannot be disabled subsequently. Am I right thata) the prescaler can be modifiedb) the counter itself can be reloadedItem b) would be a vulnerability, surely, because faulty code could ...

PHolt.1 by Senior II
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