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trigger DMA with ADC1 and ADC2 using different timer

Hi, I want to have 2 ADC interrupts with DMA. ADC1 is triggered using TIM1 at 4kHz, while ADC2 is triggered using TIM4 at 74kHz. Two different timers are used for different ADC to have different sampling time. The ADC2 is set as Medium priority while...

VidhiPa by Associate II
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Cant access RTC coming out of standby mode

Hi  I am programming a STM32L433 and have the processor wakeup from Standby mode. The first thing it does after wakeup is check the cause of the wakeup, and if RTC increase the time, do a few readings and go back into Standby mode. When I am running ...

SSmit.13 by Associate III
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Disabling the interrupt

I have enabled two interrupts. First one is EXTI  for GPIOA0 Pin and another is UART3 for RXCALLBACK.I want to disable EXTI interrupt when UART interrupt is triggered and enable again EXTI interrupt once the task is completed.I used __disable_irq(5) ...

Nico3 by Associate III
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TIM1 break interrupt not firing

Hi,I am configuring TIM1 to generate interrupt via MX and I can see that the ISR for TIM1 break is added to the code.But the interrupt never triggers. I know that break from comparator does happen, but no interrupt!Does anyone know what could be wron...

bolurian by Associate
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STM32 low power standby with 5 wakeup sources?

I would like to build a 5-button remote (RF 868 Mhz) and was thinking of using the STM32G031F6(The RF is provided using an external chip, similar to Si4455)However the STM32G031F6 has only 4 x SYS_WAKEUP pins.Is there anyway to wake up from standby u...

KMill by Associate III
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Interrupt on in B1? ON Bluepill STM32F103 without HAL

Hallo,does anybody have an Example(without HAL), how I can initialize an external Interrupt with STM32F103 Bluepill on PIN B1?At this moment I try with this[code]procedure Event(); iv IVT_INT_EXTI1; ics ICS_AUTO;beginGPIOC_ODR := not GPIOC_ODR; // To...

sven by Associate II
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I'm using an STM32H563 and the STM32CubMX for initialisation. I'm trying to use the USART in DMA mode and having trouble with the Tx DMA.I use:HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(&huart10, (uint8_t *) uart10RxDMABuffer, UART10_RX_BUFFER_SIZE);for the receiv...