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Jump to System bootloader: does not stay inside

It has been asked several times, however I can not find a working solution for me.With STM32L486RGT6 I achieved to implement jump to bootloader, entering DFU mode successfully. All fine!Doing it similar for STM32L071CZY6TR and STM32F469VE it does not...

Led by Senior
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STM32L0x3 Interrupt Latency

Good morning,I am working with a board mounting a STM32L0x3 microcontroller. My SystemCoreClock is 32 MHz and TIM12 is clocked at 4 MHz. TIM12 has been configured in order to work in Capture Mode on Channel 1 (falling edge).The ISR does what is liste...

Dave94 by Associate II
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Resolved! Input capture not detecting square wave

I have built a sine wave to square wave circuit and now want to measure its frequency with the STM. I can see on the oscilloscope that the circuit works, however I can detect neither a rising nor a falling edge with the chip. It is not a problem with...

Qwyntex by Associate III
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Resolved! How to trigger IRQ on overflow only?

I am trying to configure TIM3 to reset on incoming PWM pulses and call IRQ on overflow, when pulses not coming. The prescaler and ARR are set for 150% of the PWM period. TIM3 in slave reset mode on trigger from CH2 input. MCU is STM32G051F8P.For some...

maple by Associate II
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Resolved! Unable to receive data over UART3

Hi,I have the following board : NUCLEO-F429ZIThe datasheet says that UART3 is the STLINK UART that can be used over USB.I configured this UART but when I try to receive anything from the terminal that is connected to the UART com port, I don't see th...

smaiti by Associate III
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Resolved! Interrupt problem on stm32f7 (bare-metal)

Hello, I would like to contact you because, following the code made on Keil uvision 5, I cannot get my interrupt to work.Objective of the code, turn on and off the LED (pb0) of the card with the button (pc13) on it itself.PCB Used : STM32F767ZI

Resolved! STM32U5A Wake-UP from stop mode 3

Hello all, I am using the STM32U5A5QJ in a project and I had a question about some of the wake-up modes. I would like the microcontroller to be in stop mode 3 most of the time until it receives an interrupt from a sensor to return to normal mode. The...

RAMECC with Dcache

I am working on a Nucleo-H753ZI board looking at RAMECC.My code is based on the example at am using debug to watch the status of ...

KevinG by Associate II
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