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Screen flickering while using TFT-LCD with LTDC

Hi.A custom board was built using the STM32H753XI. The board contains 16MB SDRAM and we want to use it with an LTDC to display a screen on a TFT-LCD.I used the embedded wizard to create the UI and verified that it displays correctly on the LCD screen...

LCD-Timing.png Clock.png

SDRAM with just one Bank Address pin

I've tried to see if I can get away with using just one bank address pin for a 4-bank SDRAM (IS42/45S16160J). My understanding is that this would half the addressable memory, as I could only access two banks instead of four.In the STM32H7 user manual...

ChS by Associate
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Accidental EXTI-Interrupts on STM32H735

Hello,maybe someone has an idea or can share an similar experience. Since I'm currently in the evaluation phase for selecting an MCU for our new industrial embedded project. I want to inspect and analyze this problem, to be sure the used MCU is worki...

AZorn.1 by Associate III
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STM32H7 Camera Buffer YUV TVP5150 JPEG

HelloLet's assume I have a TVP5150 device connected to a STM32H7 MCU. The TVP5150 transmits PAL frames as YUV. This means 2 bytes per pixel.This results in 720x576 * 2 = 829.440KB per frame. In reality, there is pretty sure the need for double buffer...

kbch by Associate II
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