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STM32L0 can't flash with FLASHER-STM32

Hello, I am using STM32L021F4 on a custom board and I am attempting to flash firmware using the FLASHER-STM32 software via the internal bootloader and a FT232RL USB/UART serial bridge. I can connect to the MCU and the flash loader says the MCU is rea...

I downloaded In-Application Programming with UART -software example package for my STM32G0, but it did not include direct example projects for this MPU family, and I found it not so straightforward to port any of the provided to this MPU.

So does anyone know if this kind of examples for this MPU family are on the way? Or have someone done this porting and have tips for helping out with the job?

KPeso.1 by Associate II
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flash using USART for STM32F303E- eval

hi stm,i want to flash using USART. what is procedure.flashloader demonstrator is not working, it is getting hanged (win 7). but target is WIN XP.mcu board is need to connect with WIN-XP PC. how to achieve the target.

STM32F750Z8 and flash loader

Hello everyone,I've just develop my board with this MCU and a QSPI Flash from Micron (N25Q128).The connections suggested by the Cube are:CS -> PB6CLK -> PB2D0 -> PF8D1 -> PF9D2 -> PE2D3 -> PA1Checked them and they are phisically good.I'm using IAR so...

GTrom by Associate II
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Resolved! STM Flash Loader Demo does not recognize my NUCLEO-F767ZI

I am trying to use the built in boot-loader on my STM32F767. I wrote a simple app on my PC and I can get sensible answers from GET, GET VERSION, GET ID commands. But when I try to do a GO or a READ, the address (I have tries 0x00200000, 0x08000000 an...

KDuff.15 by Associate II
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Flash loader demonstrator issue

Hi everyone,I have some issue with the Flash loader demonstrator V2.8.0. It has worked several times before. Now when I started the tool, the first step picture 1 (connect to devise) it works fine. But the in the second step picture 2, I can't see an...

An Ha by Associate II
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