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How to boot the STM3241G-EVAL?

As shown in below my kit screen is completely white, is not able to see any menu?I have searched to how to boot the kit from STM website, I found a video and an document I want to do the same process, during doing the same procedure I am getting the...

HNory.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Flash Loader Demonstrator cannot open port

I have a Win10 notebook computer. When I run the Flash Loader Demonstrator, it correctly finds the com port being used (the only one) but when I click 'Next' it always says ​"Cannot open the com port, the port may be used by another application". Thi...

MBeal.1 by Associate
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STM32L151CBU6 Firmware Download problem

Hi, everyoneI, Currently STM32L151CBU6 is in use.The firmware uses a .HEX file,I am using the firmware download to change the boot mode.Now, firmware download through STM FlashLoader Demo.exe(2.8.0) works normally.However, STMFlashLoader.exe is used ...

Jyoun.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32 Flash Loader Demo GUI support for STM32G0 devices

Hi,We're begining a port to STM32G0 line and I understand these have a built in bootloader.I am able to enter and activate the bootloader using the Flash Loader Demo GUI.However when I come to the step of selecting the MCU it appears STM32G0 is not s...

PRami.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! flashing STM32H743VTIx from linux commandline

It seems to me that st-flash still have not got any support for STM32H7xx devices yetIs there other command line options available that run under Ubuntu? Could be payware even.. I have both stlink/v2 and a segger j-link (EDU version) available but ha...

Zainka by Associate III
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Keil external flash loader

Hi,I'm using keil as my compiler, and I have developed our own project PCB, every thing works fine, I have used W25Q64 external SPI flash for my board, Now I have written flash algorithms and they are working inside my test project, so I want to add ...