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CANFD frame format !!!!!

hello ST Community ,the frame format settings of the CANFD are missing FDCAN_FRAME_CLASSIC !!!!I can set this format only with hand in the software but as soon as i try to generate a new code this setup would be overwritten with the available setting...

FDCAN Bittiming Problem __ STM32H750 __

Hi,my question is simple , i have these parameter :Can_Clock = 48 MHz Prescaler = 1;NominalTimeSeg1 = 18NominalTimeSeg2 = 4and this is the MX_FDCAN1_Init() :static void MX_FDCAN1_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN FDCAN1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE E...

STM32H743 FDCAN messages are stuck in TX FIFO

Hello all,I have STM32H743 Nucleo board and I'm trying to get running a standard CAN communication between two boards. Now if I initialize the FDCAN module and try to send a frame, the message is stored in the TX FIFO and after two frames (because my...

Polling or Interrupt better for CAN-FD reception

Hi,I have brought a new Nucleo-H743ZI kit. I wanted to receive data from 5 nodes using CAN-FD which transmits at the rate of 5mbps. which is the best method to use Polling or interrupt to receive the data over CAN-FD??Note: each node send 30 kilobyte...

VPras by Associate II
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Communication between two FDCAN members and a third member transmit a CAN-FRAME which the two others should ignore. The thrid member ignores FDCAN-Messages

Hello everyone,I am using the NUCLEO-144 Board with STM32H743ZI.I would like to test the FDCAN with three members. Two of them use the FDCAN. The third one is an uC which accept FDCAN but cannot do anything the message of the two others. If I send me...

MSchn.14 by Associate
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FDCAN example on Nucleo H743ZI not working

Hi, So I am trying to use the example of "FDCAN_Classic_Frame_Networking" from the mentioned examples in other thread STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.2.0\Projects\STM32H743I_EVAL\Examples\FDCAN\FDCAN_Classic_Frame_NetworkingBut I am always caught in an error when...

Problems with configuring the FDCAN of the STM32H743ZI

We have the following situation: We want to use the FDCAN of the STM32H743ZI with 500 kbit/s. We've got followingconfiguration parameters for the FDCAN1:hfdcan1.Instance = FDCAN1;    hfdcan1.Init.FrameFormat = FDCAN_FRAME_CLASSIC;    hfdcan1.Init.Mod...

TPien by Associate
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