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FD CAN doesn't work properly

What is the best way to set up FD CAN in classic mode on stm32 nucleo h743zi board?Currently, I'm using FDCAN with 16 Mhz frequency on the bus and I want to get 500kbit/s.My settings are:hfdcan1.Init.NominalPrescaler=2;hfdcan1.Init.NominalSyncJumpWid...

MKami.0 by Associate
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CAN-FD and STM32H7

Hello,I would like to start a new design based on STM32H7x3.I need both CAN-FD channels. But the erratasheet from June 2018 describes a problem and the workaround is "use only one CANFD channel".Will there be a new chip version or workaround soon be...

Nucleo-H743ZI: Strange behavior of CANFD-Controller!

Hi together,I have two Nucleo-Boards with same sw and same external HW. On one HW I get RX acknoledge errors, on the other one everything is fine.Nucleo-H7 with STM32H743ZIOn-Chip CANFD-Controller, CANFD1 (PA11, PA12) and CANFD2 (PB13, PB12)Own exter...

RMehl by Associate
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STM32H743 FDCAN confused?

Posted on May 26, 2018 at 07:56Hi,   now i have some question about FDCAN, sorry for troubling you.   I have a device, which is used CAN OPEN to communication. Also i have a can to usb tool, which is used to monitor the CAN OPEN data(CAN_H, CAN_L). ...


Posted on February 02, 2018 at 12:34Hi all,I am trying to make a simple CAN test program to send 8 bytes data. It seems like it is sending data (from the code point of view) but when I look with a scope. The TX line goes down for a few �S, then go b...

ab val by Associate III
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