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Resolved! X-CUBE-EEPROM Is it possible to remove routine which writes 64bit zeros on every restart of the device? (It writes 64bits of 0 during EE_Init - due to data recovery mechanism).

I am using X-CUBE-EEPROM software to emulate EEPROM in flash memory of the MCU.It is running on STM32G070RB. This MCU has endurance only 1 kcycle.We would like to store only a few variables (about 10) to the virtual eeprom. I expect that the main app...

RMala.2 by Associate II
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STM32 internal eeprom

Hi!I am working with a STM32L053 MCU. I would like to write to the internal eeprom, and based on the datasheet it takes 3.2 ms.I have doubts that during that time interrupts will be ignored. It is not clear for me why. I thought that the code is in t...

Resolved! Can I write single bit to EEPROM and count it as 1/8 of write cycle of 100k EEPROM write cycles in case of internal stm32l073 EEPROM?

Hello,When I clear eeprom byte to 0xff I count it as single clear. Now when I write value to this byte I count it as single write. So according to RM I have 100k of safe read write operations like that.Can I assume that writting single bit to this by...

MŁask.1 by Associate II
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