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Resolved! DFSDM and external Sigma Delta Modulator

Hi,I currently have a STM32L4R9VI (that contains the DFSDM + DMA) and I am planning to sample an IF signal ( up to 10 MHz frequency) using an external Sigma Delta Modulator AMC1305M05 (20Msps - 20 MHz frequency - 16 bits resolution). I am not an expe...

ABouk.2 by Associate
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Resolved! About DFSDM_TUTORIAL.xlsx

hello​I have a question about the tutorial for the DFSDM excel file.

DFSDM with ADC not responding - STM32L562

Hello Community,I am trying to post-process my just sampled ADC values with the DFSDM sinc-Filter and mainly the oversampler.The problem ist: My DFSDM doesn't output anything. I tried DMA and polling. Polling generates a timeout.I configured the ADC ...

MPetr.3 by Associate III
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DFSDM right shift not working with DMA

Hello,if I start a filter with DMA enabled using method HAL_DFSDM_FilterRegularStart_DMA(&filter1, buffer, bufferLength), then the filter output is not right shifted. The right shift works, if polling and manual result query is used.I cannot find thi...

c_dev05 by Associate II
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Manchester using DFSDM

A lot of documents report that is possible to use DFSDM to encode and decode Manchester.Unfortunately i'm not able to find any example code.Any suggestion?

LMore.2 by Associate II
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I'm trying to use the MultibufferDMA mode of HAL driver for STM32F769 device. There's not a single example I could find which uses this mode in the list all the applications/demos/examples for STM32 devices. Here's an example call I use :

 // using Double-Buffer DMADMA_HandleTypeDef hdma ;StreamBaseAddr = DMA_CalcBaseAndBitshift(&hdma) ; // get the stream base addr if (HAL_DMAEx_MultiBufferStart_IT(&hdma, StreamBaseAddr, Buffer[0], Buffer[1], BUF_SIZE))     {       Error_Handler();   ...

canbu22 by Associate III
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