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Resolved! STM32L4 DFSDM clipping

Any ideas why values would be non linear in the approximately the upper 1 to 2 bits?For the setup below, it is linear to between -17000 to +14000. Doubling the + output only yields around +18000. These are raw values. This really acts like an overflo...

_EFrie by Associate III
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Resolved! My kingdom for some samples! (STM32L4 + LQFP48 + DFSDM)

Yes, I have tried contacting the local ST sales reps here in Australia - no response.Sorry, I've resisted asking this question for a fair while because I know many have greater need. But I thought I would ask this question just in case there is a sec...

gregstm by Senior II
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Resolved! How to use BDMA in STM32H7?

I am trying to read signals from digital MEMS microphones via DFSDM peripheral and transfer it to memory with DMA on STM32H7A3. I found out that 4 channels are handled by DMA and remaining 4 with BDMA. Now I can't figure out how to get this BDMA to ...

Please improve DFSDM section of reference manual.

I've managed to get the DFSDM working with a PDM microphone (on a STM32L496 board) - using direct access to registers. But the documentation often made things more difficult than they needed to be. Just a few extra sentences, less ambiguous language ...

gregstm by Senior II
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Resolved! How do Signed 24 bit values work

Hi. I'm having trouble with integer interpretation for DFSDM. From the RM:> The offset correction allows to calibrate the external sigma-delta modulator offset error. The user configures the offset register with a signed 24-bit correction, and this r...

DOCon.1 by Senior
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DFSD with two PDM mics using a single input

Hi,I followed the example for DFSDM found in DM00380469_ENV1.pdf and setup the channels as specified (channel 0/1 -> input from ch1 and internal clock). Cube MX also creates 2 pins , CLK and DATAIN1.STM32F413 MCUIt seems that I cant get any data comi...

NKara.3 by Associate II
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DFSDM DMA: Which CPAR register?

Hi - I'm having trouble getting DFSDM input to work with DMA - I'm unable to set the `DMAEN` bit in the DFSDM register.One troubleshooting angle: What register pointer to you pass to the DMA's CPAR? I assume `DFSDM_ FLTxRDATAR` for regular (non-injec...

DOCon.1 by Senior
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