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Resolved! Questions about G474 FDCAN

The FDCAN loopback test of G474 can enter the receive interrupt, but normally the two devices communicate with each other, and when one of the devices is used to debug, it is found that the interrupt cannot be entered。  

CAN question with STM32F103C8T6.

Hi all!,I have 2 STM32F103C8T6 connected by CAN bus.Each STM32F103C8T6 has the same firmware.This firmware starts sending a message "RequestID" by the CAN bus.Is there a way to avoid send the "RequestID" in case another "RequestID" were detected on t...

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JAlca by Senior
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Resolved! Issues with CANBUS on STM32F072: Bit Dominant Error

Hello,I am currently working to get CAN transmission to work on a STM32F072B-DISCO. I am continuously getting a BIT_DOMINANT_ERROR in the LEC of the CAN_ESR when attempting to transmit. I am using a TCAN1044 (

PF-JohnF by Associate
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Resolved! STM32F407 CAN Loopback Mode work but Normal Mode not working

Hello, I am trying to establish standard CAN communication between the sn65hvd230 IC and the stm32f4 discovery and stm32f103. While the loopback mode works fine, when it sends data to the normal mode, the output goes to 0 and then back to 1. I still ...

Sergen by Associate III
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Resolved! FDCAN is not sending messages in Normal Mode

Good morning everyone,I’m trying to get FDCAN working on a STM32G431 however with very limited success. I’m not able to get a valid output signal on the TX line (measured with an oscilloscope) however, if I put the FDCAN peripheral into External Loop...

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Resolved! STM32F103 CAN filter range of ID's

Hello, I have a set of extended CAN ID's I need to pas the bxCAN filter. I looked at some examples where one ID is passed the filter, but could not figure out how to allow a set of ID's. If my understanding is correct the mask is used to determine wh...

Smdeint by Associate III
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