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I am getting an error while loading a tflite model i.e while validating on traget we are getting an error. i am using STM32H747I-Disco board

Starting AI validation on target with random data... C:/Users/Ashu/STM32Cube/Repository/Packs/STMicroelectronics/X-CUBE-AI/7.2.0/Utilities/windows/stm32ai validate --name model -m C:/Users/Ashu/Downloads/converted_tflite_quantized (1)/model.tflite --...

After Configuring My Artificial Intelligence Network Using stm32cubeide for Nucleo-144 STM32H745 and then running build, "error: invalid initializer" is Received

Hello,I have created an Artificial intelligence project to be implemented on Nucleo-144 (stm32h745) board. The stm32cubeide created a set of related source and header files all grouped in the X-CUBE-AI folder.I defined variables in my main.c followin...

M.Saleh by Associate II
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Difference between STM32H743 and STM32H747?

Hi,I've made a custom board where I followed the schematics of the STM32H747I-DISCO board. Instead of the stm32h747 I use the stm32h743 microcontroller, because of the availability. I'm working on the 'FoodReco' project and modified it to my needs (c...

eeeeee by Associate III
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