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Resolved! I can't figure how to use external SDRAM for camera&LCD buffer and AI can someone help me please ? (STM32F769I-EVAL)

Hello,I used the example DCMI_CaptureMode for the STM32F769I-EVAL and the CubeMX generator with CubeAI in order to make an object classifier on board. It worked well with the internal RAM for 28*28*1 pictures but now that I want it to work for 128*12...

I am using X-cube-AI to generate C code for my ML model. But the resulting constant data is larger than my flash, I'm using F7 with 2MB flash.

How do I run larger ML models (greater than 10MB)? Is interfacing external ROM with QSPI and memory mapping it alone sufficient?Can I use an SD card instead? Can the memory card be memory mapped to internal flash? Can I paste the weights on the memor...

GRang.1 by Associate II
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Downsampling image on f746

Hi, I'm working on a project involving using NN with cube ai to track objects from images coming from a camera sensor. I would like to find a way to downsample an image in the fastest / less cpu intensive way possible (the video feed is approximately...

AAnci.1 by Associate II
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Python stm32com module / tool?

Hi all.I'm trying to experiment with the stm32f7 discovery board and the MNIST dataset. I've trained the model and everything seems to be working fine and I'm running the validation app from the cubemx on the stm32.My problem is that I haven't found ...

dimtass by Associate II
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