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X-CUBE_AI: validation on desktop error

Hello,i'm trying to validate the generated C model inside STM32CubeMX.I'm follow the Getting started documentation (UM2526 - rev 3)Like page 22, (4.5 Validating the generated C model) i wan't to use custom data-set (CSV file) on inputs and on output...

micoliju by Associate
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Validation on target error timeout error?

I'm using STM32L476G-DISCO , running the human activity keras model on Cube MX 5.2 and Using the AI package 4.0.0 , the validation on desktop is successful but I got a "read time error" everytime i run the validation on target also the validation on ...

OGaie by Associate III
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how to use public API of cubeMX AI API

We have a trained keras model, and we we are trying to deploy it on the stm32. We successfully loaded the model on cubeMX and can see the generated code in Keil.(attached .h and .c files).WE are having difficulty understanding what to pass as argumen...

Sbv by Associate II
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