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How to use the libneai.a lib in MDK?

Hi guys,These days I already know how to generate the AI model named libneai.a(also including the NanoEdgeAI.h) by NanoEdge AI Studio.But I don't know how to use it, I try to import it to MDK, but MDK always has a compiler error. Is there some inform...

Junde by Senior
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Resolved! Data Collection for specific AI use case

Hi, Our team was working on training Deep Learning models for a specific business requirement. We ran into an issue with our training data as it's biased toward our region (as we collected local data). Does ST offer Data Collection services that can ...

Resolved! Model compression with quantized model

The STM32CubeMX AI tool has an option to compress a model. Is there any way to get compression to work on an quantized model? I'm guessing the answer is no because when I try with a .tflite or .onnx model it complains that only float or double is sup...

marchold by Associate II
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Implementation Error analyzing ONNX model

Hi,I'm trying to analyze my ONNX model (converted from PyTorch) in STM32 X-CUBE-AI version 8.1.0. But it shows this error: NOT IMPLEMENTED: Unsupported layer types: Expand.I can't find a solution on Google. What do I need to do to analyze/import my m...

Robin1 by Associate
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