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Resolved! STM32CubreMX and STM32CubeU5 : projet manager bug

STM32CubeIDE Version: 1.9.0With the STM32CubeMX : Version: 6.5.0-RC4 and a project for STM32U585in the "project manager/advanced settings" tab, a line is missing to activate the "register callback" for the OCTOSPI interface best regards

MFred.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q boad - CubeMX Conflicts in default project

New to STM32. I've ordered a NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q development board and have been playing with CubeMX in preparation for board arrival. In creating a project for the board I'm starting the project using the board selector and selecting the NUCLEO-U575Z...

ShawnP by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U585 : ADC4 configuration

With this configuration :nbr of conversion : 2scan conversion mode : EnableContinious Conversion Mode : cannot set to Enable !!!Discontinious Conversion Mode : ucannot set to Disable !!!Unless I am mistaken, I see no indication in the STM32U5 referen...

MFred.2 by Associate III
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Running into Secure Fault on STM32U5 after Timer starts

I am using the example project GPIO_IOToggle_TrustZone for NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q and added Timer3 for Non-secure application via CubeMx with Interrupts enabled. When this Timer is started with HAL_TIM_Base_Start_IT the application runs into SecureFault_Han...

LBöhm.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Hi there, I have to create the BSP for a product we are actually developing, based on a STM32U575RIT6Q. As FreeRTOS is not currently supported in CubeMX for this microcontroller, could you tell me which solution is the best to add FreeRTOS ?

According to my searches on the internet, I found at least 3 solutions to add FreeRTOS on top of the code generated with stm32cubeMX for STM32U5 ...1 - Get FreeRTOS from or its GIT2 - Get FreeRTOS from the demo available on the B-U585-IO...

PToch.1 by Associate
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In CubeIde: IOC file behavior after code generation !

With STM32CubeIde 1.9.0, open and change some settings in the IOC file, save your changes, and then click yes when a popup asks you to generate the code. At the end of the code generation, the IOC file is marked again as an unsaved file!

MFred.2 by Associate III
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LPTIM4 init stuck at REPOK on NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q

Hello together,Aim:Learn how to use the LPTIM on STM32CubeU5 low level device drivers, such that it consumes least possible energy.Write a program that blinks the on board red LED every 1 s (forground loop) using the interrupt mechanism of the LPTIM,...

NNir by Associate II
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Resolved! Setting up ADC1 on STM32U585QII

Hello,I'm using StmCubeMX 6.5.0 with StmCubeIDE 1,9.0.I'm trying to set up ADC1 channel 7 (PA2 pin) in polling mode on STM32U585QII device.HAL_ADC_GetValue is always returning 0 while it should return something else.Below is a simple main function:in...

MApli.1 by Associate II
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