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Resolved! After Updating to CubeMX 6.10.0 code generation warning

Hi,After I migrated my .ioc file from CubeMX 6.9.2 to CubeMX 6.10.0 I get everytime the warning below. I did only the migration. There is now warning available in the "PWR" tab.What do I have to configure that this warning disappears?Or is it a bug i...

codeGenerationWarning.png iocMigration.png pwrTab.png
nobody by Associate II
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Cortex system timer config bug?

According to RM0456, section 11.4 RCC clock functional description, p. 482:"The RCC feeds the Cortex system timer (SysTick) external clock with the AHB clock (HCLK) divided by eight, or LSE or LSI. The SysTick can work either with this clock or direc...

Screenshot 2024-02-27 002843.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 002757.png Screenshot 2024-02-27 005107.png
TDJ by Senior III
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Inconsistancies in U5 device headers

Hello,most devices define helper definitions, like selecting the system clock source. E.g. L412:#define RCC_CFGR_SWS_MSI (0x00000000UL) /*!< MSI oscillator used as system clock */#define RCC_CFGR_SWS_HSI (0x00000004UL) /*!< HSI16 oscillator used as s...


I want to use STM32U5 ADF in LPBAM Mode, I can't see the ADF option in the CUBE MX LPBAM design configuration. I want to use ADF in stop 2 mode with LPDMA and SRAM4 I have the ready code for ADF and LPDMA I wish to operate them in LPBAM Mode. 

SShai.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! LINKEDLIST: incomplete generated code

When code for LINKEDLIST for STM32U575 will be generated (linked_list.c) with STM32CubeMX 6.9.2 several lines are missing. In the attached ioc file (which is only for illustrating the effect) the commands for e.g. setting DMA_DEST_DATAWIDTH_BYTE are ...

FB1 by Associate II
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