ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! NFC for smart door lock

Hi all,I want to start a project with NFC for smart locks. I don't have experience in NFC. Could anyone please help me select NFC IC for the below requirement?1. smart door lock system.2. lock and unlock with only smartwatch and mobile, not with card...

Resolved! ST25R95 poor reception

I have this board with a large (91x119mm) surrounding it. There is circuitry including the ST25R95 in the middle, but it has quite some clearance to the antenna. Matching network is calculated using the ST excel sheets.Now I can get it to read NFC st...

Jvan .23 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use ST25R95 in Interrupt mode

Hello!I'm using ST25R95 with X-CUBE-NFC3 library for an application.I have successfully tried the default PollingTagDetect example. But now, our application requires the usage of interrupt mode for card detection instead of looping NFC_Cycle(); in in...

KAgga.1 by Associate III
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ST25R95 Antenna Matching Circuit Review

Hi, I'm testing a ST25R95 with a Molex 146236-2131 Antenna. The Antenna Specs (per Molex) are  La4.1uHRa7.8 OhmsCa7.9pFFra31.0MHzRp10.4K OhmsQ44.2 Using the ST25R95_EMI_FILTER_CALCULATION spreadsheet I substituted La and Ra to produce the following A...

MOver by Associate
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