ST25 NFC/RFID tags and readers

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Resolved! NFC03A1 writer and format example fro RPi4

pls suggest a example for reader/writer/formatter for NFC03A1are there any writer example code for RPi similar to poller example ? didnot find the source...

venukrish by Associate III
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Resolved! st25r95 (X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1) example Cube-MX

Hi to all, I'm starting a new project with ST25R95 and X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 as demo board. I have two question about example usage:1) I can't find X-CUBE-NFC3 package in cube MX (only 4 and 6 are avaiable). How can I add this package to Cube MX configura...

ABatt.1 by Senior
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Resolved! Connection to ST25PC-NFC software

Hello,I am currently working with the Nucleo-L476RG and the NFC03A1 Nucleo expansion board (CR95HF reader version).I have flashed the X-CUBE-NFC3 embedded software with STM32CubeProgrammer and would like to use the ST25PC-NFC tool to communicate with...

Resolved! X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 reading STEVAL-SMARTAG2

On both boards the demo application is installed, Oneshot on the STEVAL-SMARTAG2 and PollingTagDetect on the X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1. When using the STEVAL-SMARTAG2 without battery it can be read however I always see the same sensor data.  On the debug port...

Mark_MT by Associate II
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Resolved! CR95HF SendRecv Response for ISO-15693

I'm using a CR95HF NFC reader (a Mickroe RFID Click) using the UART port. I'm using ISO 15693 to communicate with my tag. I'm issuing the following commands (I know it looks like I'm using the eval board, but I'm actually using my own Python program:...

DWalk.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! CR95HF on Arduino Uno Error 88

Hello,I am using the X-Nucleo-NFC03A1 shield with the Arduino Uno. I use the library for the BM019 as an inspiration for reading my tag. Setting the protocol, the echo command and the IDN command all work fine, but when I try to read the UID of the t...

Judith by Associate III
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Resolved! NFC03A1 with Raspberry Pi 4, tag not detecting

HW : Raspberry PI 4 with NFC03A1 board connected to SPISW : Linux_RFAL_st25r95_v2.0.4.tar.gzwe built and we are able to run on the Rpi board, poller exampleissue :ISO1444A tag not detectedSPI seems to be working, we observed IDN command responds with...

venukrish by Associate III
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Resolved! JAVA Card

Hello every body.I hope you are doing well.We are designing a smart card reader can communicate with java cards both contact and contactless.Our MCU is STM32F405RGT6 and we want to use ST8024L for contact section.For contactless section we decided to...