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I have the Nucleo-L476RG board. How I can program the Sensor I program the Sensor with Nucleo-L476RG or only I can program it with STLinkV3? STLinkV3 is very you know any alternative?Kind regards

CGarc.5 by Associate
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Resolved! How can i write and read on SD using FREERTOS e FATFS?

Hello,I am using STEVAL-STWINKT1B development board and I can write and read sd card using setting to SD 4 bits Wide Bus and FATFS.If I add on STM32CUBEMX as middleware FREERTOS I can't read the SD in fact I get back FR_NOT_READY when I execute the f...

JTLGE by Associate II
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IIS3DWB, fixed ODR and downsampling

We have commercial product based on the LSM6DS3 and are now moving to the IIS3DWB (in combo with the STM32L412). One of the cases we often encounter with customers is the observation of "slow" phenomena (like large machines moving slowly). This was r...

CHuyg.1 by Associate II
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