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UART_DMA(LPUART) working oddly on STM32WB55

Hello, I have been trying to send and receive data through UART using DMA on STM3WB55. Everything was working properly but suddenly HAL_UART_Transmit_DMA started to work unproperly: the program gets stuck in the Hard Fault function. I am calling HAL_...

Kolab by Senior
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xbee with stm32 little question

I am doing xbee communication with stm32, I am sending and receiving data, there is no problem, but I cannot see message on the serail monitor of stm32. (but it appears in debug process) why?

Loodan22 by Associate II
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STM32 WL55JC1 UART only receiving data once

As the title suggest I only receive data once. I also tried using HAL_UART_Receive_DMA and HAL_UART_Receive_IT still got the same result (only receiving once). I'm using Teseo-LIV3FL GNSS module and I've tested it before on my ESP32 and it works as e...

AFidi.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Pingpong subGhz dual Core Example

Hello I have two STM32WL55JC2 boards and I would like to run the PingPong DualCore example available in this WL package folder : I run the .project file on the STM32 IDE and I get this: After adding several missing .h files I manage to flash to the b...

0693W00000YAWg5QAH.jpg 0693W00000YAWg0QAH.jpg
BNamu.1 by Associate II
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