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Low Power Mode in STM32WB

           I am using STM32WB for My Application, I want to initailly mcu is stop mode or sleep mode,when external interrupt (switch) is triggered its wakeup from low power mode.After wake up re-installize the System Clock for Mcu running configured ...

Problem on Shundown mode in STM32WB

Hello All,                I am using STM32WB5MMG for BLE  Application,  I want to  initailly mcu is stop mode or sleep mode,when external interrupt (switch)  is triggered  its wakeup from low power mode.After wake up  re-installize the System Clock f...

Kavinraj by Associate III
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Resolved! NUCLEO-WBA55CG JTAG/SWD not able to connect via JLink

I am attempting to connect to the STM32WBA55CG using a JLink Compact Plus following the following instructions from SEGGER: connection fails as the DAP is not responding. The output from JLink is attache...


Hello    My Project is based on STM32WBA55G-DK1 to develop my ble headphone.But when i called CAP_Init API, it returned BLE_STATUS_OUT_OF_MEMORY. I don't know which parameter is causing this issue. Following Parameters are my ble config. #define CFG_...

Xiaojie by Associate II
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Problem with third party library integration

I am trying to include a tinycbor .h file and as per third party include method i have done all the step but still i get the error about the linker didn't find a definition of library API functions. Here is the all the screenshot of my project and lo...

Hardik02_0-1710890786632.png Hardik02_1-1710890912531.png Hardik02_2-1710891033500.png Hardik02_3-1710891126664.png
Hardik02 by Associate II
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how to setup an ble audio project via STM32CubeIDE

Hi,      I am setting up an ble audio project with STM32CubeIDE。There is no ble audio choose with STM32_WPAN view in STM32CubeMX。I just can select the ble choose that is Starts from a skeleton project with host stack & GAP and GATT initialization。   ...

Xiaojie by Associate II
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STM32WB1 BLE reduce connecting time

Hello,I made 2 project about client and server using stm32wb1mmc product. > server project is using "custom p2p server"It works well but I want to improve usability. 1. How to reduce scan time for connect client to server?  > I quote it from examples...