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Resolved! TFT display flickering issue

Board name : stm32f746bgt6Sdram : AS4C4M32SA-7TCNMy display size is 800*480, interfacing sdram & display with mcu successfully. But my display having flickering issue, Frame buffer stored in sdram..!How to solve this error?

Resolved! stm32h747 discovery blank

i just received my brand new stm32h747 discovery board, on power-up it does nothing just two LEDs light up, according to the user manual it should be preloaded with a demo.I checked in cube prog and it reports as blank.Is it possible that my device g...

DMA2D: incorrect transfer of JPEG image

Hello to everyone,I'm working on displaying JPEG files using STM32H745BIT6 chip. I successfully configured all peripherals (LTDC, DMA2D, HW JPEG decoder) and now I'm able to dislay JPEG data. At first JPEG decoder converts JPEG data to YCbCr data and...

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bjqvqQAA.png _legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bjqwKQAQ.png
Alex Gab by Associate III
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DMA2D and LTDC double buffering

Hi everybody,I'm developing a simple gui on an STM32F429 microcontroller with the use of the STemWin grapich library. Everything is working well till I'm using just one framebuffer; now I would like to use double buffering to optimize the interface a...

andrea.l by Associate
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Resolved! Can I interface 800x480 LCD having 16 bit RGB interface and multiplexed PSRAM (for frame buffer storage) with STM32H750VB?

I am using STM32H750VB 100 pin package controller and want to interface 800x480 LCD having 16bpp RGB interface with it. Its single frame buffer storage amounts to 750 KB ((800*480*2 bytes)/1024) and at a go only 512KB (AXI SRAM -maximum contiguous me...

KShah.5 by Associate II
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