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Resolved! ADC example for several channels polling?

Can anybody point me to example of two or more ADC channels polling?​I'm trying to measure two channels of one ADC but it looks like it reads one channel twice​Initialization:static void MX_ADC1_Init(void) { ADC_MultiModeTypeDef multimode = {0}; ...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Add an Essential feature

Hello, Please add an empty function on HAL for other MCU's what doesn't have that functions.For example HAL_ICHACHE_Enable() for F1 series. This feature can help to easy porting to other series of MCUs.Thanks.

nimaltd by Senior
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Running Zephyr RTOS on STM32F303CBT6

I have a custom board with an STM32F303CBT6 MCU with an external 16 MHz oscillator, but I am unfortunately not able to get Zephyr RTOS to successfully boot.From the KConfig options, it does not look like the specific variant of F303 is supported. It ...

sbend by Associate
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I need help programming USB FS on Nucleo-F303RE. using pins A11 and A12 and connecting via an exposed USB cable using wires for direct connection to the GPIO's

I believe the programming code might be missing something. I was missing external 1.5K pull up resistors, but I added them and the device is recognized over USB.I would like code references, to implement mass storage mode, with SD card (via SPI).